Core Values & Principles

Visual Electronics High Performance Culture

Visual Electronics corporate culture is an extremely important element, because it is the tie that binds the organization together. It gives us (the parts of the organization) a reason for being. In essence, the culture is what makes up the organization. It gives us a shared sense of values, and gets us all working towards the same goals.

Our culture meets the needs of the individual. It impacts the performance of the individual, it impacts employee turnover, and it impacts whether your vision is going to become a reality. It is how we treat your people, our suppliers and alliances, and how we treat our customers. It is our fundamental beliefs.

The Six Components of Our High Performance Culture

  • Beliefs
  • Philosophy
  • Principles
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Direction

Principles are our rules of action or conduct; they are the governing laws of the corporation. Values represent what we consider our standard of what is "right," or how we conduct ourselves in the "right" way. Examples of values are integrity, and honesty. Beliefs are the individual's conviction towards the values and principles of the company. The confidence, trust, and faith we put in the actions and direction of the company.

Philosophies are our concepts, knowledge, approach, methods, and systems for guiding our organization. The Vision is a goal, or goals, of what the organization wants to be in the future. Direction is the instructions and path the organization will take on the road to making its vision a reality.

Cultural Effectiveness

For a culture to be effective, the entire corporation must accept it. Our culture must be effective both internally and externally. It is the image of your organization.

Visual Electronics culture will be instrumental in extending the lifecycle of both employees and customers/clients. It is a way the corporation can meet the individual's need for security, belonging, acceptance, and recognition. From the customer/client standpoint it is the foundation on which to build a long-term relationship on. It will create a basis of trust, mutual respect, admiration, and support that will stay strong throughout the entire relationship.

The purpose of the culture is to give a framework, or a governing body, to all employees. It will allow them to know what is expected of them in terms of behavior, approach, and conduct. It will be incorporated into reviews process.

Objectives For Visual Electronics Culture

  • Align the culture with our market, industry, prospective and current clients
  • Establish a culture that will make our employees proud to be a part of
  • Establish a culture that allows us to measure the intangible elements
  • Our culture will improve relationships with alliances, partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers
  • It will reduce conflicts between sub-segments or departments in our organization
  • Improve communications
  • Visual Electronics culture should facilitate the implementation of your vision.
  • Culture is not about numbers, it is not about revenues, it is not about profits; it is about building the ultimate team and having them work in harmony for the ultimate goal.




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