Center Services Workforce Optimization

VISUAL ELECTRONICS Workforce Optimization allows you to assess many different elements, updating performance and productivity of agents, knowledge workers, customer business preferences, processes and systems. This allows you to take immediate action that is effective with measurement for enhancements.

Workforce Optimization

IT–Ready software based platform turns your unified communications into real business results across your enterprise. Visual Electronics' end-to-end solution allows clients to uncover trends and behaviors providing an understanding of reasoning. Our solution provides a broader and deeper understanding by:

  • Workforce Analysis
  • Call Assessment
  • Routing and Recovery
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Center Performance
  • Satisfaction Measurement
  • Management Reporting

VISUAL ELECTRONICS provides multi-contact center routing and queuing of data delivering and integrated cooperative solutions that allows managers to be proactive to improve results. Given the proper intelligence on how its workforce is performing and by using automated or on-demand corrective actions, companies are able to make key performance data visible to support better decision-making, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and solving business problems related to staff. Workforce Optimization is technologies and practices that allow organizations to predict and forecast challenges then allowing the creation of strategies to
maximize effectiveness, reduce labor costs and improve customer experience.

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